Online Experiment - Transformationstexte


Just take this
little piece
of darkness
from my shoulders
to a place
where nobody
has to fall
in tears
about it -
take it away
I`ll really stay
with you
to the end
of time.

keep the hearts free
from the shadows
I have ever born
in space of human beings
and others.

spend them holy freedom
for ever.
I am ready
to take all
which belongs to me.
Please keep them free

© Bernd Suriel Casel 05.08.2006

Rubrik - Repräsentative Begriffe:
Antworten, Erste Hilfe, Liebe, Fremdsprachen, sonstiges, Überraschungen, Spirituelles, Philosophie,

Keywords - Repräsentative Begriffe:
Gebet, Vergebung, Gnade, Fürbitte, Fragen, Erwachen, Karma, Wiedergeburt, past Life, Reinkarnation, frühere Leben, Poem, Lyrik, Gedicht, - Poem, ode, Lyrik, lyric poetry, lyrics, lyricism, intercession, forgiveness, pardon, love, remission, to ask for, asking, to ask questions, to answer,awakening, karma, rebirth, reincarnation, new birth, past Life
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